Finished Moving!

Yesterday I packed up the majority of my stuff ready to move, and finished packing up everything else this morning since I knew I’d be waiting on the keys to my new flat.

Once the keys arrived I got moving straight away, and was thankful the moment I entered my new room, I was both correct about it being mirrored, and it also had the same furniture, meaning I was able to swap out the drawers with the ones in my my old room, speeding up the time to move a butt load.

It ended up taking me just over 4 hours to get everything moved over, and once I’d relaxed a little I got my plushies and diapers out of the boxes, and it now feels a bit more homely in here, but I know it’ll take me a little while to get used to the change.

Right now I’m just relaxing and got padded up ready for my 1st night here, and will take a couple of days away from blogging while I settle in fully.

I’ll make sure I keep you updated, and my next post will be a double mushy one as I had 2 poopy videos recorded prior to the info about my move getting in the way, that’ll be in a few days.

Have fun everyone, and and keep being stinky!