Cute Crinkly Cuddlz

When I got home from work Friday night I decided to try out one of my Cuddlz Nursery diapers that came as part of my Nappies-R-Us Lucky Nappy Pack.

These diapers look super cute, and my word are they crinkly which is a big plus for me… I especially love the adorable rattle and pacifiers on it hehe.

I ended up wetting a little bit before I went to bed, and it was barely noticeable either by feel or sight.

When I woke up in the morning, the diaper was very much wet in the front as I apparently wet while I was sleeping as you can see below.

I ended up staying as a soggy butt all morning, and loved the fact that it doesn’t do the whole drooping thing that many diapers suffer from.

Later on I felt the need to doody, so I decided to test out the 1080p60 setting on my phones cam.

Here is a side view from a few minutes later as I ended up going more after the video.

Needless to say I gave it a bit of a squish when I decided that I wanted to change… The diaper was super heavy and stunk (no idea what I ate to cause it).

All in all these diapers are super soft and comfortable, Adorably cute, and take a beating when it comes to usage… For me this is a strong recommendation.