Telegram Update Channel

I’ve come to the realize that a bunch of my followers use Telegram, so I’ve decided to make a Channel there to allow those who do to easily keep up to date with my blog, without the need to keep checking the site.

This will be used for a few different things, being:

  • Blog Post Updates
  • Live Diaper use updates (if wearing)
  • Audience Polls to vote on things such as what diaper to wear, as well as other potentially naughty things.

It’s a quick place to see updates, and will be the 1st place I post things such as pics and videos… even before they make it to the site, but yeah.. feel free to join if you’d like, and remember if you wanna chat with other stinkers too a good place to do that is over on The Muddy butts Adventurers Group, I’m more often than not there chatting as well.

Anyways… It’s about time for this little bunbun to go to bed, I gots Daycare (Work) in the morning.