A Very Mushy Mess

Friday night I got padded up ready for bed, and decided to wear what I believe to be Nappies-R-Us‘s own branded medical diaper (not sure though).

But as you can see by the pic, it’s really poofy, has a single line wetness indicator, and crinkles awesomely as well hehe.

I ended up wetting a little before bed and spent the night a little bit on the soggy side… Once morning came around, I felt like I needed to go poopy… So decided to grab my phone and record it.

I thought I’d add one of my little Tommy stickers to it too just for fun hehe.

This load came out a bit mushier than I expected… A and whole lot louder as well, which is always a plus.

As the day progressed I got a bit of a tummy cramp and ended up pottying my diaper a second time, making it very bulgy as you can see below.

Needless to say I sat down and gave this a very good squish before I changed out of it… And may have also played a little too 😊.

I forgot to take pics of it once I’d changed though, but trust me when I say it was full (I apparently also had corn that I don’t remember nomming).

Before bed I put on one of my Tenas, and have not long took it off as it got very soggy… it seems kinda weird to only wet a diaper, but that’s what I get for being such a stinker I suppose lol.

Anyways I’ma leave this post here, hope ya’ll enjoyed the vid, and I’ll see you again soon… Have fun, and stay crinkly hehe.