Baby Bear T-Shirt, Phone Case, and New Pic from Flo.

Since I got my phone I’d ordered a phone case for it to protect it better, and it was due to arrive today…

But while I was working this morning, it fell out of my pocket and scraped the corner a little, thankfully no big damage, figures this’d happen the day my case is meant to arrive.

My Second shift rolls around and half way through it I receive a text saying that they attempted a delivery, and are going to try re-delivering it tomorrow…

At this point I opened up their site and got them to deliver it to a delivery locker in town rather than waiting another day.

After I finished my 2nd shift I went home, chilled out and watched a couple of videos. Soon after I get a text telling me it’s ready for pickup.

I then went to town wearing my Baby Bear T-Shirt I got from NRU as you can see from the Pic, I got a couple of looks, but I don’t care, but to other ABs it just shows their not alone.

Missile Launch Detected

I can also now show you all the Pic I got from Flo as a Patreon reward. (I’ve had it for a while but had to keep it secret hehe).

The idea for this pic came from a bit of nostalgia gaming I’ve been doing as of late… Playing Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun.

Flo’s Links if ya wanna help support.

I wonder if this will bring back any memories of multiple hour skirmishes for anyone besides me hehe.

Oh yeah, before I go I also wanna say there’s also 4 Telegram Stickers of Tommy being worked on too, not by Flo though… I’ll update you more when I receive them.