Mini Review: Little Rascals – GetNappied

I got Padded up in this last night, and noticed immediately that they’re both really thick, and comfortable… I decided to go to bed wearing them and it was like sleeping with a cushion hugging booty… Here are a few Pics of what it looked like on me.

I woke up dry in the morning, but that didn’t last for long as I soon did my morning wetting, which to my surprise didn’t even phase it (even when going at full stream).

A little while after I needed to go poop as well… And it held it nicely against my butt.

After I needed to pee again so I wet the back.

After I gave my diaper a quick squish, I sat down and watched videos a while… I did wet again while I was sitting, and was expecting it to leak but to my surprise it just took it in its stride, GetNappied did an awesome job when it comes to absorbency that’s a definite plus.

All in all these diapers held up to a fair bit of abuse, and there was even some dry parts left when I took it off as well, and not a single leak.

1 thing I was skeptical of at 1st was the lack of reserve tabs, but that didn’t become an issue as the tabs it has held up extremely well without loosening at all over time.

All in all a fantastic Diaper, and I strongly recommend… Oh and as a plus they have a very satisfying crinkle.

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  • Hi my name is earl and I to have little rascals and they are good diapers because I wear them sometimes but I do have about 200 different kinds of diapers And they are all quite good but I do have my favourite which is tykabls puppers or tykabls Dino’s I have that meany diapers earl