Soggy and Squishy

I decided to get padded up during the day yesterday, and by bed time I’d soaked it front and back. I normally wet the back last, but felt like being a soggy butt last night.

After I woke up I wet the back again, and got it completely soggy hehe, I love being this soggy, I don’t get to a lot ‘cuz I normally poop before I get the chance.

A few hours later I felt a really big need to go poopy, and ended up loading my diaper way more than I expected… ‘cuz I went so much I debated going and changing ‘cuz I wanted to be able to sit down, and it was quite a mushy one.

I then thought to myself… “Wait, I have plastic pants for this exact reason.” So I grabbed them and put them over my padding so I could sit down without worrying about a poopy leak, and right now I’m sat in my soggy and really mushy diapee typing out this post, here’s a couple of pics I just took to prove it!

I might sit like this for a few hours, I think the doody moved to the front a little too, but I’m ok with that, the worst it’ll do is cause me to make a gooey in this diapee too.

Anyways, I’m gonna go and enjoy sitting mushy for a bit, See you all later… Oh yeah, before I go, I don’t think there’s gonna be a TMI-T post tomorrow as I haven’t received any questions for me this week…

This is why I decided to name the posts as Episodes rather than weeks, but If you do wanna ask a question for me to answer publicly, feel free over on the TMI-T Hub, and I’ll answer it on a Tuesday once I have enough to answer.

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