I Told My Boss I’m An ABDL

A Little Context: She was already aware that I wear diapers, as I was padded when I 1st met her prior to even working there, she questioned as to why and I’d told her that I was partially incontinent due to events as a kid.

Also this happened at 6 in the morning, so I was still half asleep at the time… If I’d’ve been more awake I probably wouldn’t have said this.

This kinda happened by accident… When I got to work this morning, I got talking to Supervisor about our plans for Christmas, so I told her that’d I’d be going down to visit my Mum (Mom in the US).

She asked me where about she lived, I told her, and she asked why I live so far away… Then I told her that I moved up to here for my own safety as my Mums ex assumed that because my ex-brother is a Pedo, and because I wear diapers (thanks to abuse from my brother), that I must be one too, telling her that he’d (Mum’s ex) reportedly put a hit out on me prior to getting locked up for harassing my Mum.

I ended up explaining my story to her… mentioning that my ex-brother’s girlfriend tried to plead insanity… I said that I have more mental issues than she did, being that I have to balance my Little (2 year old) and Big (Grown Up) sides…

After I was finished talking with her out it and started working, I realized that I’d accidentally told her about my AB side.

All in all it turned out ok, and she told me that she too has a bit of a little side, and keeps plushies all over the place like I do lol.

Before I end this post, I want to remind you that I’m needing questions for next Tuesday’s Q&A… you can ask them below.

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  • That was a very brave move imo.. all my friends and my parents know about it, and i don’t have any problems about letting people know about it; but go as far as telling to my own boss is something i never thought.