Errands While Stinky

I padded up last night before bed and wet in once I woke up (while making breakfast).

A little later I feel desperate to go poop, and was planning to use the potty as I had things to do around the house today… But I couldn’t make it to the potty to pull down my padding, partly ‘cuz of how tight I taped it, oopsy.

So yeah, this happened while I was fumbling around trying to get to the potty and eventually failing.

But even though I ended up a bit of a stinker, it’s not gonna stop me from doing things around the house, I need to have a shower tonight anyway for work tomorrow, so I figured I’d just stay stinky ’till then.

This does mean how ever that I needed to go out of the flat and downstairs and do laundry (I live in a flat with a shared laundry room accessed by all 4 flats).

Overall this is a risky day for me, but thankfully I’m quick and avoided detection while putting laundry on, but we’ll see if I get caught when i go back to switch in to the dryer, and again to bring it up here once it’s dry.

I think I’m going to go and shower after my laundry is fully done, can’t do it sooner ‘cuz my towel is in there *facepalms*, also that way I won’t smell while cooking dinner later either lol.

Soo, it looks like i’m stuck stinky until later, I’ll add updates to this post as the day progresses.

Update: Just moved laundry to the dryer, and almost got caught stinky by one of the other residents in my flat, thankfully I got into my room quick enough not to be caught… My hearts racing a little now though.

Update: I needed to pee again, and ‘cuz the front is so wet, I wet the rear of my padding…

This could’ve proved to be a bad idea though as it’s just reactivated the smell again.

I’m hoping it fades away by the time I need to grab my stuff from the dryer though, and if it doesn’t there’s more risk.

Here’s a quick pic for those wishing to see how my diaper currently looks.

Update: Just collected my clothes from the laundry room, and didn’t end up running into anyone, which kinda surprised me a little…

I also got a bit thirsty, so I decided to be a risky little bunny and go to the kitchen to get myself a cup of tea (I normally have coffee, but am out ATM).

I could hear a few of the other residents in their rooms, and one even came out and left the flat while I was in the kitchen taking a picture of my booty… Glad they didn’t go to the kitchen.

I plan to go and have a shower once I’ve finished my drink, that way my room will have enough time to air out before I go and make food later.

Make sure to check back later though, as I may add to this once I change, maybe with an open, balled, or bagged diaper pic too.

Update: I decided against doing the ideas I said earlier, and decided to give ya’ll a visual treat instead.

I wanted to give my diaper a good squish before I took it off, this time I squished it to the back… And dang is it visible hehe.

Hope ya like the vid!