Padded Up / Plushies Everywhere!

Finally it’s a friday, and I can be padded again… I’m still dry for the moment, but not sure how long that will last ‘cuz I’m starting to need to pee…. I Peed!

There’s always something super satisfying about getting padded after work… I’ll probably stay in this ’til mid-tomorrow now.

It’ll be good to have a nice lay in tomorrow morning instead of needing to get up at 5am hehe.

I’ve also realized that I’ve gained a bunch of new plushies since I last did a group pic of them, so I’ve decided to rectify that.

Here’s the photo I did of all of my current plushies, I decided to add their names so you can see who’s who.

Hector, Doomsday, Daisy, Snowball, & Hopps all live on my bed, all of the rest live either on my shelf, or in my closet.

I really do have a lot of plushies haha… Also this reminds me, I have a quick question for those who have plushies.