Hard Work & Nose Bleed

I started work at my new location Yesterday morning after little sleep due to the heat, and I wasn’t expecting it to be too bad… It took me awhile to start getting used to where everything was, and I found that my main area was beyond filthy.

I went to bed last night, and spent most the night tossing a turning, so again I had very little sleep… working this morning however went a lot smoother, and I’m starting to get my main area looking respectable (apparently the person who did the area before me hated it).

I did also have a random nose bleed today at work, near the end of my shift, I’ve not had one of these in a while but I think it may be something to do with the heat, as I only get them when it’s hot out (for some reason my nose bleeds are only from my left nostril… Never the right one).

I think I’m going to have an early night tonight, and get some much needed sleep… I can’t keep running on caffeine as much as I love it.

But yeah, I’m gonna end the post here as I just wanted to give you an update… Oh yeah, I do have an ABDL question today (I’ll put it in the Polls page as well):