Padded Beach Day

Today I decided to go to the beach padded, which is by far the most public thing I’ve done while wearing.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day out, and even wet my diaper while waiting for food in the cafe.

I would have removed my shorts completely today, but as you can see from the video, it was amazingly busy at the beach.

I love the beach and enjoyed burying my feet in the sand, drinking my energy drinks, and chilling in the sun to some music… Padded all the time.

I also ended up taking a few pictures as well that you can see below, the 1st one was just before I left home to go there, and shows the bulk of my diaper under my shorts.

Oh yeah… I also got myself a candy pacifier while I was there, I kept it in my mouth the whole way home, which got a few funny looks lol.

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