A Birthday Gift & Mini Update

Today is my birthday, and I got a gift from Sollicitus1400 over on DA, they also have an FA & Pixiv too if you wish to follow in other places, but yeah here are the pics…

Other than the pics today is a bit of a weird one for me, mostly due to feeling kinda crappy since friday… I’m hoping what ever I’ve got clears up soon, especially since I’m working today as well… I felt like a zombie when i was doing my 1st shift this morning.

Anyhoo, this is just a mini post today just to let ya’ll know it’s my birthday… I doubt I’ll really buy myself anything to celebrate the day ‘cuz as I mentioned before, I’m saving up for a new PC… If anyone wishes to help with that feel free to here.

That’s about it update wise unless something random happens during my main shift later… and with that said, Have Fun & Keep Crinkling!

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