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Baby Tommy's Life<\/span><\/a><\/div>\n\n\n\n
\u200c<\/a>\u200cDiaper Review: ABU\u2019s DinorawrZ<\/b>ABDL Lifestyle | Diaper Review | Video - #ABDL<\/a><\/i> #ABU<\/i><\/a> #Diaper<\/i><\/a> #Messy<\/i><\/a> #Review<\/i><\/a> #Video<\/i><\/a> #Wet<\/i><\/a>1st ImpressionsAs many of you know, I loved the Bunnyhopps, but had only tried the 2-tabbed variant before ABU released the 4-tab version\u2026 My only issues with with the fit around the waist with only 2 tabbed (not due to design, but due to my body shape), so I thought with my diaper order\u2026<\/div>\n\n \n \n <\/i>\n \n \n<\/a>\n