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Forwarded from 💜 Baby Tommy 💚
now I'm padded
Forwarded from 💜 Baby Tommy 💚
Soo... I soggied myself while in the kitchen making breakfast and a coffee
So I found this at work today written on a toilet paper dispenser
Story: Monkey See, Monkey Do!
ABDL Lifestyle | Art & Creativity | Explicit - #Diaper #mastubation #Messy #Simia #story #Wet

Hiya everyone, today I got something very naughty and special for you… I’ve been talking to a friend of mine that happens to be and up and coming explicit writer.

They recently wrote a story with Flo as a character, and wanted to do the same for me…

Needless to say after reading that story…
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Oh yeah, here's the current bulge
Gonna go change in a few mins, here's a peek in the leg hole
The aftermath *blushes*
A Mega Load of Mush
ABDL Lifestyle | Explicit | Video - #ABDL #Diaper #mastubation #Messy #Open_Diaper #Public #Video #Wet

On Friday night after work, the only thing on my mind was padding up, and I did just that.

Though friday night didn’t exactly go as it normally would… and here’s why…
I am very soggy right now
I did a little doody
Patreon Reward – Gather the Plushies
Art & Creativity | Plushies - #Diaper #Drawing #Messy #OverFlo207 #Patreon_Reward #Plushies #Wet

As Flo knows, I love to bring my plushies with me everywhere, but sometimes us Babs don’t have enough arms to bring them all, thankfully we have a handy pouch to carry an extra one with us!

The pouch option can be an issue at times, thankfully they are washer safe hehe.

Here are Flo’s…
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this is gonna be a strange few weeks... UK in on full on lockdown, and even my main shift at work has been adjusted to a rotor so i'll only be working 2 hours a week rather than the 3 hours a day like normal... day shift is still normal for the moment though
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Hard to believe I did this laying down
Forwarded from 💜 Baby Tommy 💚
But yeah, I may have to change a little earlier than normal today, 'cuz I keep going more here and there, and the last thing I want is a leak
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Safety pants, safety pants... I'm now wearing my safety pants