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I decided to make my PC Parts list public, I've already got my Win 10 key now too, so that's all done... Also this is an easy way to show any changes to my build... only a few months now and i'll be able to build this sucker!
I've been debating something for a while now... I love my hair long 'cuz it makes me feel more me, but it does get annoying at times (sleeping & working), and I'm stuck at this dilemma as to what to do, if you have any other suggestions, please comment over in the discussion group
Should I get a hair cut and go back to shorter hair?
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I be a crinklebutt... Weekend at last
A Bulgy Diapee is a Good Diapee
ABDL Lifestyle | Video - #ABDL #Diaper #Messy #Video #Wet

This is only gonna be a small post today, mostly ‘cuz I’m mostly wanting to relax this weekend….

It doesn’t stop me from being a stinker, and I kinda loaded my diaper earlier. I padded up last night and was a little wet before bedtime, I wet again in the morning and later decided to…
*Starts bouncing in chair* I'm treating me (and my Tails plush) to something on Friday after work 📽
Whick diaper to wear for sonic movie? (ends at 10 minuits to)
Final Results
Tykables Galactic
MyDiaper Animals
ABU BunnyHopps
Time for go to watch sonic
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OK now I'm soggy
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My diapee got bulgy
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I did a doody... also my phone lagged when recording so this one's a bit framey
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The Bulge is real
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My diaper smells