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I'm sleeping mushy tonight
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I went more after I woke up
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I did a thing
Delivery Get: Padding... And candy!
Diaper Delivery & Hard Work
ABDL Lifestyle | Real Life | Safe For Work | Second Life - #ABDL #ABU #Candy #Diaper #Second_Life #Shopping #update #Work

It’s been a little while since I last posted an update, I know this all too well… As of late I’ve been pretty busy when it comes to work, and haven’t had much time to be a mushbutt either…
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1st time wearing DinorawrZ... These are comfy
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Diaper Review: ABU’s DinorawrZ
ABDL Lifestyle | Diaper Review | Video - #ABDL #ABU #Diaper #Messy #Review #Video #Wet

1st Impressions

As many of you know, I loved the Bunnyhopps, but had only tried the 2-tabbed variant before ABU released the 4-tab version… My only issues with with the fit around the waist with only 2 tabbed (not due to design, but due to my body shape), so I thought with my diaper order…
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continuing with my SkyFactory playthough over @
Streaming time... Slime rancher @
Going live now, continuing my slime rancher playthrough @
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I smell, I tried to hold it
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Changy time
Wanna see my latest parteon reward from Baby Fwo early?
Support them here to get early access (to PG version(s), any naughty variants are posted on full release):

They also have an NSFW Patreon too:
Minecraft: SkyFactory 4 - Time to automate @
Gonna be streaming the start of my 1st time playing Rayman: Legends tonight @ 10pm BST/4pm Central/2pm Pacific over on as a buildup to Ubisoft Forward