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Yooka-Laylee: 1st Time Playing -
Forwarded from 💜 Baby Tommy 💚
I may be due a change soon 💩💦
Yooka-Laylee: Entering the 1st Tome
I've decided to publish my streams to YouTube...
Please excuse the framerate issues, this is fixed in the newest one (mostly)... But I felt it best to link the 1st episode rather than skip to episode 2.
There's not going to be many updates for a little while, I'm down to only a laptop now
My PC Died…
Real Life | Safe For Work | Video - #broken #computer

I had every intention of making a new stinky vid for you all to watch, but while watching a youtube vid between work shifts today, THIS happened…

So basically I’m without a PC for a few months ’til I can save up for a new one, which we take ’til around June, so expect a…
Padded Train Ride & Extra Mushiness
ABDL Lifestyle | Explicit | Real Life | Video - #ABDL #Christmas #Diaper #gifts #Messy #Squish #Video #Visible_Poop #Wet

I’d mentioned in my last post that I’d planned on it being a stinky one, and that’s what it is today…

The reason for the delay is that I wasn’t sure whether my pc would even be able to render a video without a dedicated graphics card. Turns out it can! With that said, Enjoy…
Wearing my cloth diaper tonight... Mostly for comfort rather than use 'cuz of how long I was stinky when working in my blog post
I've added combot to the discussion group to add a little more personality and a few new features to it (like the ability to check diapers)
Forwarded from 💜 Baby Tommy 💚
I'm crinkly this I'm happy... Also 1st use of my selfie stick hehe
Forwarded from 💜 Baby Tommy 💚
I may have tinkled
Forwarded from 💜 Baby Tommy 💚
Media is too big
A Day of Diaper Use [Telegram Version - 720p]
A Day of Diaper Use
ABDL Lifestyle | Video - #ABDL #Diaper #Messy #Squish #Video #Wet

Today I felt like being a bit of a stinker to make up for the lack of messy content lately, so I decided to record my diaper usage throughout the day to share it with you in full (pun intended).
Soo... the polls on my site are working again now, I didn't realize they were broken until yesterday...
Apparently I had a bit of a plugin conflict, which thankfully was with a plugin that I wasn't using so all is good now!